The Future of Service Experience Management

This report identifies that service transformation and customer experience resolution now require a new set of tools for Service Experience Management.

Dynamic tools such as augmented reality self-solve, remote assist, and digital twin visualization at the point of service ensure work can be completely efficiently and can ignite brand differentiation.

When service leaders were polled:

  • 46% say customer satisfaction is the most important KPI for service success
  • 48% say identifying, hiring, and retaining service talent is a driver for improved service experiences
  • 78% say Digital Twins are an important technology for future service transformation

In this IDC InfoBrief . . .


Service experience challenges with measured impact


How dynamic insights to solve customer issues at the point of service is a game-changer


How augmented reality can transform customer, employee and service experiences

“From step-by-step instructions for complex tasks to virtual walk-throughs of machinery and equipment, AR empowers employees to learn faster and more effectively, reducing training time and improving knowledge retention.”