Understanding Augmented Reality for Supporting Densely Populated Install Bases

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Get at-a-glance insights into how Augmented Reality field service and contact center service experiences are driving transformational results for organizations supporting Point of sale (POS) systems, Medical Devices, Data Centers, and other high-volume unit per square mile deployments.
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Metrics that can compare telephone, on-site, and AR support and service


The business case for augmented reality


KPI's you can use for transformational augmented reality

Michael Ramsey


“Service teams today are challenged with solving problems in increasingly complex situations, especially in light of COVID-19. They want to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve customer outcomes—all while ensuring employee safety. Together with CareAR, ServiceNow is delivering digital experiences that empower service teams to better solve problems remotely so work can be completed efficiently and safely.”

Michael Ramsey
VP of Product Management, ServiceNow